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    From our Blog

    Thursday, 26 May 2016

    How to add radio stations

    Singapore Radio allows you to add your own favorite stations.  In this post, we will show you how to get the streaming url from the internet.

    To add radio to the app, you need to know the streaming source of your radio first. How to get the streaming link is a bit tricky. Ususally the link is not shown to users. In some radio station web sites, they provide an icon for users to click and listen to radio. Once you click the icon, it opens an audio player and stream the live broadcast of the radio station to you.  You have do hack the html source to get the streaming source. We are not going to cover it in the post.

    There are some good live streaming websites that let you get radio streaming link easily.  Among them, Radionomy is one of the famous hosting site of radio streaming. You can find many interesting radio stations from Radionomy. We will use Radionomy as example to get the radio source.

    Streaming media
    There are many streaming media available, you can find a brief infom wiki  In Radionomy, radio sources are provided in m3u format.
    We are going to show you how to get radio that dedicated to Jazz music. Go to Radionomy and enter "Jazz" in search box. It should get you a list of Jazz stations.

    Most of the mobile phone browser will use mobile version. To get the desktop version, you need to change it in "User agent" setting to Desktop.

    Select, for example, 101 Smooth Jazz station, the following page will be shown.

    Now move your cursor to "Listen to this station in your media player" and n the status bar, you can
    see the streaming source with extension m3u. In our example, streaming link of 101 Smooth Jazz is

    Open Singapore Radio app and choose "Add station". Enter the name and the streaming source and enjoy the radio.

    You can long-press the link and copy the link location to get the link.